Me, My world …

Born and raised in Paris France, in a very different world than most; Full of champagne, mansions, beautiful accessories, sparkles, and drama.
I have lived all over, from America as a teen, to Spain, and Germany for my studies; my friends live a fabulous lifestyle all over the world.
I am now here in Dublin for the past 6 years; I have a passion for pretty much anything appealing to the eye, which I will try to share with you as much as I can.


I have a 9 to 5 job Mondays through Fridays, but the rest of my life is filled with fantastic designers, photographers, make-up artists, and so much more … I will make sure to share with you.
From fashion to make-up, to interior design, behind the scenes of photoshoots …
Anything beautiful really
All Photos by Tiara Rad Photography
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