The New you PLAN

The New YOu Plan …

Definetly a diet I wanted to mention, maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, and I know some people will say ‘it is not healthy etc’ – shuuush it ACTUALLY IS.

So I got on this plan after gaining wayyyy too much weight, I had about 3 stones to loose and I am very impatient, and also a former party girl, so it wasnt easy for me to commit to a full on diet like this.


But I chose to pull myself away from my usual/normal lifestyle, and for 2/3 months. I did not go out, followed the diet religiously and DRUMROLL PLEAAAAASE – I drop 3 stones!


and since I kind of left my old lifestyle, a lot of people have had not seen the ‘in between’ look … which was so great, a lot of people did not recognize me, people were in shock, some fell off chairs – very entertaining if you ask me!

So The New You Plan is very simple to follow, 4 meals and a snack. And they have so many options, and even more today than they did when I did it.

The food is good, and they have this ‘secret’ facebook page for support, everyone helps each other … it is so good, and one of the main reason i think the plan works.

On the page not only do you get support, but some of the ladies that have been on the diet forever, and or manage the page have came up with recipes using the ready meals… very ingenious and so GOOOOD!

here are a few of the meals (my favs):

breakfasts options

(just the ones i liked while on the diet) – I also used those as an afternoon snack, I have a sweet tooth.

lunch and dinners …

As mentioned earlier since I finished with the diet they brought a couple of more recipes, here they are below.

The New You Plan brings out new recipes constantly so that you don’t get too bored 😉

Also because everyone’s goals and budget is different, they have a few bundles …

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