Morocco: OR Heaven on earth

Morocco … so much to say

I have been going to Morocco specifically Marrakesh since I was a teenager,

My family has ties to this beautiful country. I must I been there about 10 times

Bellow is the Jemaa el Fna square, and the entrance to the Medina

it turns into such an attraction at night time,


I love souks for the colors, different smells, and richness of culture. For any of you who have not been used to any arabic/Oriental culture, this my be a bit of a culture shock … but you are safe, Morocco is extremy safe. It was ordered by the king himself that tourist be treated extremely well. Remember Tourism brings a lot of money to the country.


For most of you it is the first time you read me, so you do not know me, But Morocco has had a massive impact on my life.

Family history with Morocco: In the 1950’s my grand-parents moved to Casablanca, my great grand-mother had been settled there for 10 years already.
My grand parents moved there with their 2 kids at the time (mom wasn’t born yet) my grand father decided to move the family there for professional/political reasons.

Won’t get into that, my grandfather was a very secretive man; god knows what he was up to.
If you ask me, probably nothing too pretty.

To give you an idea in his 20’s my grandfather was in jail to be executed for being part of the ‘wrong’ government!
And somehow got out of it. That was my grandfather …

Any who – that was totally off subject.
Let’s get back to the beautiful country that is Morocco!

Cities, desert, beautiful palaces, very welcoming people, amazing food – Morocco is rich is every sense of the word.

My family left Morocco only after a few years …
I’ve been coming here though with my mom every couple years since I was a teenager; this place feels like home sometimes.

I know you’re going to ask. No I have no Moroccan origins whatsoever.

I was also involved with a Moroccan man for a few years..

One of the highlights of my latest holiday in Marrakesh has to be the very private visit of ‘The Royal Mansoor Hotel’ built and own by the King himself. I have never seen anything more luxurious, and beautiful in my life!

here is little a sneak peek for you:

I have made many Moroccan friends while traveling,who have now moved back here. Met most of them through studying in Madrid or Paris. Which makes any trip back always so nice, and welcoming.

while walking the streets of Marrakech you will see donkeys, head scarves, even Burkas maybe.
Actually seeing a woman jump in the pool covered from head to toe while I was there; I forget how weird that can look to some people.

Or Moroccan drivers stopping their cars in the middle of an avenue to have a chat for 20 minutes, while blocking everyone else.

Morroco is a fantastic country I have visited so many parts of it from Marrakech, to Fez, to Casablanca to terudan everything about the country is mezmerizing sun, heat, beautiful hotels, amazing food, shows, historical places and buildings to see, the desert … just magical.

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