In December: mind yourSELF!

After a very intense holiday season we all need to take care of ourselves

here are a few tips from me to you that are applicable all year long.


1) Pick your priorities

You cannot do EVERYYYYYTHING, you are not Wonderwoman, and neither am I! Take a look at what is the most important to you, and let go of the rest. Friends and family will always understand that you cannot do everything, spend time with everyone – express yourself, it will be fine I promise


2) Write down what you are grateful for

take a few minutes each day to write down the good things ‘you’ have in life. this will train your brain to be more positive.




3)  Time for ‘ME’ day141525-i-just-need-some-me-time-quotes

December is always the same every year, super busy – but some much FUUUUN! it can be a lot to handle though, so to stay away from burn-outs, take ‘ME’ time. This is not just for the girls, this is true for the boys too! Do whatever helps you relax, yoga, a bubble bath, a good movie, an early night. For me, writing works



4) Shop Online

Lack of time? stressed by a sea of people? Shop online, and not just over the end of year period, but all year long, massive gain of time. I am a ‘pro’ at online shopping! In the comfort of your home, sitting on the couch, open up your laptop while sipping a nice warm tea, find our favourite stores online. you get to avoid looking for things in stores, the crowds, parking etc.

5) Sleep


It is simplest tricks of them all, SLEEP! more sleep equals more energy and happiness, keeps your from getting sick or moody. Sleep should all year long be the most important thing to do! it is the time when your body repairs itself from any ‘day damage’

6) Exerciseteal-weight

I know you going to tell me you do not have the time, the energy or HAAAAAATE de gym! It doesn’t need to be crazy work outs, a walk or maybe Yoga, Pilates, a run if you’re into that, any physical activity … doesn’t really matter what it is, just allocate 30 minutes a day. It is just so your dopamine level rises up, it will produce happier thoughts.

Happy new year everyone



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