2017! New years resolution that you CAN KEEP

I think i speak for a lot of people when I say that 2016 has been a hard year, the focus for everyone right now is their 2017 resolutions, so let’s make them achievable this year.

I just realized, I did not make any resolutions last year … probably for the better I’d say.

As in for 2015 I didn’t keep my resolutions, so i’d say there must be an in-between right?

here we go … going for the achievable, or maybe lets not be as ‘lazy’ this year

  • Most people are going to go for the:lose weight

  • get a boyfriend

  • travel more

  • do more volunteering

I mean all of those are great ideas … but are you going to do all of them? yeah probably NOT … its probably the same list every year isn’t it?

Let’s look at what is possible:

  1. Instead of Lose weight, and go to the gym 5 days a week … learn to live a healthy lifestyle. Cook healthy and do 15 minutes of floor exercise – you don’t even need a gym!

  2. Have a phone conversation a week – i think that’s doable right?

  3. Delete your ex’s phone number – yup, seems easy and will also help your dating life … there is a reason he is your EX!!!!! also if he is meant to be in your life your paths will cross again, if NOT – he wasn’t for you anyways and something better will come your way!

  4. Invest in yourself – passionate about something, always wanted to know how to write/cook/sing/act take a class, have fun outside of your 9 to 5 … who knows you could build something.

  5. when you go on holidays – get off social media (says the blogger) – see it as a ‘mental health week off’ if not a week, even a day here and there might help. We do not realize how much social media has been affecting our lives.

  6. Keep a journal – I have learnt that writing is extremely therapeutic, you write your thoughts down, and somehow you are done with them. Also it give you a chance months, or even years from now to look back and see how far you’ve come. that’s the part about writing i love the most. I wasn’t a dear diary kinda girl … but when I started traveling and living abroad and always wrote how I felt etc. very cool to read back about my 17 year old self … entertaining

  7. Learn a new skill – one of your friend knows photoshop, marketing, cooking etc. learn from them it is a much more fun way to learn, and it will bring you closer to your friends.

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