What is: ‘FitGirlsGuide’

So many fad diets out there, so hard to find the one that works for you …

I have tried so many, NUTS!

I also started dieting way too young, as most of ‘us’ did, also then I was not fat at all … but being raised in France and everyone being so tiny and having to be perfect and fashionable must have had an effect on ME!

A couple of months ago I started this new diet, although I DO |NOT call it a diet, because to me it is NOT!

It is a lifestyle, and excatly teh way it should be!

Since I been a teenage, I have tried so many diets, from unhealthy to healthy to #FitGirlsGuide

First off, it is designed for the ladies, from PINK everywhere and the language that is so girlie, from the first second I was hooked.


Apart from that it is also a very intelligent diet … It teaches you to work out, so I am not a Gym Bunny, far fro it. so they have this little at home work out that you do everyday. Doesn’t take you more than 30 minutes, which I love!

Food wise, they give you recipes, but it also somehow teaches you smart proportions, as in what your body needs, and then you end up loosing weight out of the blue – how cool right? it is like perfection!

so my aim here is to give you tips, explain what the diet is, give you the recipes, the tiny work outs etc.

I hope you enjoy because I sure did

The way it works is simple, there is an ‘army’ of FitGirls on Instagram, they all follow and support each other, fitgirls sales different packages and goodies. I have tried the 28 days jumpstart, and also as an add-on bought the Fitgirls cookbook.

Let’s take a look at a couple of super simple recipes I have tried and still enjoy everyday.

the pancakes … YEEEES I said Pancakes

this is normally my Saturday and/or Sunday breakfast

during the week I normally go for the PBB (peanut butter and banana and toast) or for the Cherry pie fridge oats – I am not a big fan o over night oats and I have a small fridge, so I enjoy this recipe in a form of a smoothie most morning.

and then my lunches and dinners consist of protein and veg mostly … with a bit of carbs (right amount and right type) ex: brown rice, brown bread, wheat pasta etc.

I also make protein Pizza on Friday evenings! Life isn’t  LIFE with Pizza in IT!!!!

on the evenings there’s also the Pasta primavera, shrimp wok, veggie omelettes, pork chopped ans veggies, tuna salad etc …

I will use this section to share my own recipes


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