Lip injections with Marsha @Clearskin

I am not one of those girls to get anything done, even less on my face… I mean how scary would it be if I ended up disfigured, I am a cute girl. Did I really need more lips?!

But since all the cool bloggers, models, actresses where doing it and since I had tiny lips, I thought I could give it a shot!

Anyways… As anyone would, I did my research and stumble across clearskin in sandyford.


A couple of plus side to Clearskin

  1. A lot of amazing reviews online, models and bloggers in Ireland recommend them

  2. They have regular offers on very cool treatments all the time

  3. In Sandyford, where I work … on the luas line as well, super practical

  4. and last but not least they are super friendly

I started going to Clearskin about a year ago for a couple of different treatments.

I’d say my best experiences have to be with Marsha;

Marsha is known in the business, as the lip fairy.

Marsha wants to see natural, non-plastic looking lips, she is very into the capturedetails, and has a level of after-care/customer service I have rarely seen. Due to the shape of my face & lips, they looked uneven, and she was able to fix it after a few touches … absolutely loved  my experience with her.

Check out Marsha’s Instagram

And before you ask …. i been 2 times for my lips, I was lucky because each time I went the lip treatment was on sale and I paid the 100ml for 300€ instead of the current price of 350€

walking into Clearskin for me is great, its like going to see friends that are going to make me prettier, very comfortable atmosphere, the front desk lady is lovely as well.

I absolutely LOVE my lips, I have NO regrets whatsoever, they look so much better than before.

Piece of advice though, you need to think that you might need a couple of refills a year in order to keep your lips nice and all plumped up. depending on the person fillers can last 3 to 5 months. I personally like going every 4 months for a full treatment. In 4 months I do not lose all the fillers, but a little bit, and again it is additive … so in this case the bigger the better – for me anyways.

Cleaskin also does a free consultation … so you can have a chat with Marsha, what she advises is to come with an idea in mind, to look up at lips you liked – don’t go for pictures of lips that are 5 times the size of yours … Again, a natural look is better, and you can always go for more!

My beautiful lips, love them…

Trust me if you decide to go for the lip injections, you will be obsessed with your lips for a few weeks like I was.


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