DIY – Dried hydrangeas

You’ve seen them in magazines, interior designs shows, etc.

Dried Hydrangea, are beautiful, extremely stylish, have this old fashioned look, they are easy to make and cheap! If that’s not a interior design win, I don’t know what is.

I have always seen them in our interiors back home, even remember the women in my family showing me how to do them as a teenager

  1. Fist is first …  You need Hydrangeas!

  2. wait until they are ready, all blossomed, perfect looking … in the meantime yourtrim_hydrangea_leaves garden, patio will look lovely.

  3. Once ready, you can now cute them – little tip, keep the stem long

  4. now, that we have the Hydrangeas cut, strip the leaves off, so it looks nice and clean.

  5. now the drying techniches.      2 ways … either super simply in an empty vase, or the old school way mom and grandma tough me, upside down.

to do it upside down, just find a piece of string to keep them together, make sure the piece of string is long enough so that you can tie high up somewhere in your house

Other little tip, once dry you can actualy use a paint spray to change the color of them, I personally like the gold spray paint.

here is an exemple of dried golden hydrangeas:


How gorgeous, right? now your turn!!


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