DIY – From disgusting & OLD, to pretty in PINK

Over the summer I had this urge to re-decorate my living room … So I started by selling all of my old IKEA furniture.

I had in mind the idea to buy a big massive chest of drawer and repaint it pink and white with a distress look.

So I obviously did my research to understand how I could do it myself!

here are the products I used, all found in Woodies in Sandyford.

Ok, so the chest of drawers, i got… super ugly and chunky. totally in purpose, take lookwp-1485432104517.jpg

But I knew I wanted to repaint it, and knew it had a lot of potential. Also I got that piece from a second hand shop on Camden Street in Dublin, and so I paid 30€ for it, with a little 10€ extra for delivery … great value for money!!!!

I’ve spent bout the same in paint + materials … still very cheap!

My steps:

  1. using my sanding block, I sanded the entire piece of furniture lightly

  2. took the drawers out

  3. used the Johnson undercoat all over

  4. now wait for it to dry … only takes a couple of hours max

  5. once dry I decided to pint the entire piece of furniture pink – my aim was to cover the pink with white in specific places, and then sand it down

  6. when the pink paint was dry, i chose to re-paint in white all of it, except for the drawers.

  7. right before the white paint was dried I used a piece of cloth to make those pink marks you can see on top of the dresser.

  8. once the white paint was totally dry i used my sanding block again, to sand down the white paint, and let the white re-appear, it gave the all look to my dressers, making it look older, ad definitely different!

overall it was a very easy process, my first time too! and now i have a piece of furniture no one else has. Really love it!

This is what it looks like in my house now!


Super cute, super girlie! What do you think?



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