Let me tell you about REIKI

I have discovered Reiki only a couple of years ago,

I was highly stressed, and needed for something to help me. I first thought of getting a massage, and then thought, let’s try something new!

That is when i met Emma Henderson,

I was so surprised how much Reiki affected me! It relaxed me, it felt like all my worries, and anything heavy in my life was gone.


Reiki means ‘life force energy’ in Japanese, it is obviously a Japanese healing technique. It is said that Reiki to restore imbalances in your body.

it is based on the principal that your therapist can channel energy by the act of light warm touch.

I know it sounds very weird, but is has been said to be able to do alot for our bodies such as:

  • Boost immune system

  • reduce stress

  • increase energy

  • enhance self confidence

and many more.

if you are curious about Reiki, Look up  Emma Henderson at the healing room, she is really good, and so lovely.

I don’t know about you, but this made me want to go back to Reiki.

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