Fabnails by TREESHA

Anyone that knows me, knows I am absolutely obsessed with nails.

and not just nails, but nail art … love having my nails perfect always, colorful and with designs no one has seen before!

Mind you I used to bite my nails, so it is a fairly new obsession.

My obsession started about 5 years ago, i think due to the craaze around shellac nails here.

about 2 years ago I met Treesha, she is from the Mauritius; and does the coolest design.

every colors possible, to Swarovskis on my nails, any shape possible .. acrylic nails, just everything you can imagine!

Take a look at a few nail designs Treesha has done on my nails in the past 2 years

Take a look at a few of Treesha’s dresigns she has done on other people

Fabnails By Treesha, is her own business she does on top of her full-time nails job. She does absolutely excellent prices and comes tot your house!

here is her cards for any of you completely obsessed with nail art:


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