WHAT IS Interior Design


Interior Design is more than just the process of colors and decorating, you get to plan, build, modify spaces etc.

It is the art of beautiful and functional environment.



You either choose to follow the rules of Interior design, or brake them entirely by mixing textures, colors and styles.

Interior design obviously is about functionality, but it is also about how it makes you feel.

Lifestyle and technology have given us an opportunity to evolve. Our homes are nowadays very different from even just our parents or grand-parents homes.

Great designs should have an impact on all senses, using space, colors, patterns and textures.


What is important as well is to understand what the space will be used for. Is it an office, a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room??

In order to develop your own sense, visiting decorated homes, going into historical building to see the use of space & light is a must.

Research is a big thing too. look up great designers, go trough interior design books, furniture stores, go to museums, art is a huge inspiration for me.

… see how colors, spaces, and textures make you feel. At the end of the day if you are designing or even decorating your home or even your office, the place need to give you a feeling when you enter it.

Develop your own sense. Interior design is just like fashion, there is no RIGHT answer! Try not to copy others, but it doesn’t mean you cannot use their ideas as a starting point for inspiration.

In this sections of my blog, i’ll explain all basics, colors, styles, how spaces can be used and how they will make you feel.

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