Let’s be KIND to one another – RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS day

With Valentines day now just gone,

The National random act of Kindness is around the corner, and is  a great way to keep the love hanging around.


National random day of Kindness day is on February 17th! TOMORROW!

RAK or ‘Random act of Kindness’ was founded in 1995, the main idea behind it is very obvious, it is to celebrate kindness. The Random act of kindness Day only came about in 2004 though.

I think we all have a tendency to forget how much kindness can change someone’s day, a smile, a thank you, a kind word, even a hug.

Isn’t it a little sad that a non profit foundation had to come up with something like this in order for people to be kind to one another …


The foundation itself does say that ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ can be done by tiny little acts everyday, no need to wait for the Random Act of Kindness week/Day of course, but I guess people need to be reminded.

Research confirms that people who perform acts of kindness feel positive emotions, it has a longer effect if you do it on a more regular basis, that just a 1 off! Maybe we should all try to be kind to one another on a more regular basis.

According to the foundation, instead of smiling at a total stranger, maybe buy a coffee to the person behind you in the morning – I know that’s the kind of thing that would TOTALLY make MY day.

Maybe if we could all commit to 1 act of kindness a week, instead of once a year, we could change the way people relate to each other. I am not talking about changing the world here, but we know that even if a small group of people start doing it, and with the power or social media it could have a massive effect on a large amount of people.


Again remember your act of kindness does not need to be big.

From 9 to 5 I work in an office – I know! how boring!

Today I baked cookies for the team, and have started what we call #treatthursdays

Every Thursday a different team member will bake for the rest of the team, it is an easy way to make people smile, very easy act of kindnesss right there – AND very effective! I mean come on, who doesn’t like cookies


And YES, I will share the recipe in a later post!

There are of course plenty of other things you can do to be kind to the people around you:

  • tell you best friend/ boyfriend how much they mean to you

  • buy a coffee to the person behind you this morning

  • Send your mom flowers for no particular reason

  • Tell your co worker what a great job they have been doing

  • Give your friend (boyfriend, best friend) a big hug just because you love them

  • Give an extra tip to the lovely lady making your lunch everyday

  • write a cute sticky note to a colleague, leave it on their deask while they are away

  • donate, old clothes, old books to a charity

These are just a few ideas, anything goes really, it is very easy, and trust me it will definitely make someone’s day!





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