Fabulous bags without breaking the bank

I love bags, always have.

I was raised surrounded by women who always had the best accessories, Chanel, Gucci Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton … to me this is what is ‘normal’

But then I started working, and realized I was never going to be able to get any of those on my tiny ‘normal’ salary!

Because I have always been obsessed with beauty and design, i have realized that you do not need to spend a fortune in order to have good quality, beautiful bags.

Here are a few of my picks, everything is under 500€, some I own, some I don’t yet, but they are definitely on my list!

I will not mention the obvious Micheal Kors, DKNY, or even Marc jacobs, Ralph Lauren etc.

They are fantastic brands, which we all know about, most of us owns at least a piece of each … so I’ve decided to focus on mid-range (affordable) brands you might not know about. I have focused on everything under 500€!

And YES! i have added, the links to the bags in the article, you know just in case you fall in love and need to have one of them

Rebecca Minkoff

RM is one of those brands I have had an eye on for a while, very decent prices, cool designs and fun colors … the perfect combo really. Below are a few of my ‘current’ favorites – all under 500€

  1. Velvet Love crossbody – 185€ ON SALE was 277€

  2. Rapture large shoulder bag – 297€

  3. Glitter leo clutch –  95€

  4. Mini MAC crossbody – 196€

  5. Mini MAC cross body (peach) – 196€

  6. LOVE crossbody ‘always on’ (includes an iphone charger) – 220€

  7.  LOVE crossbody (black) – 297€

  8. Isobel saddle bag – 149€ ON SALE was 297€

  9. Hookup small crossbody bag – 227€

  10. Luggage Runway bag – 267€ ON SALEE was 398€

  11. Always on side zip Regan tote – 297€

  12. Woven chain camera bag – 124€ ON SALE was 247€

  13. Clark Hobo – 149€ ON SALE was 297€

  14. Mini quilted affair – 196€

Claudie Pierlot

In love with the ‘Marjane Rouge’ which I by the way OWN! to be honest I am very tempted to buy the other two as well.

  1. Sac Marjane rouge (available in more colors) – 172.5€ ON SALE was 345€

  2. Sac Alima – 147.5€ ON SALE, was 295€

  3. Sac Aztec – 245€

Claris Virot

Another brand I have discovered very recently, Thank you Instagram! they are gorgeous design, leathers and colors, I just fell in LOVE! here are my 3 ‘budget’ favorites, they have more expensive ones too!

  1. Bag Anna diamond silver chain – 380€ ON SALE was 460€

  2. Bucket bag mary (available in more colors) – 390€

  3. Python shoulder bag anna electric blue silver chain – 460€


Is a brand I discovered only last week, totally fell in LOVE. It is a German fashion line, not just bags! here is taste of my favorite ones under 500€

  1. Roma shopper – 499€

  2. Zoe mini bag XS – 249€

  3. Cavanilla evening bag S – 399€

  4. Olivia mini bag XS – 399€

  5. Nica evening bag S – 399€

  6. Pina mini bag XS – 399€

  7. Cavanilla mini bag XS – 499€

  8. Roma handbag M – 499€

Zadig & Voltaire

Grew up with the brand, they still ROCK! Again, another brand that does more than just just bags … definitely will always be on my list, and they have some very decent prices too, here are MY picks for you, absolutely love their clutches, I feel like this i one of my next purchases.

  1. Rock cobra clutch – 360€

  2. Rock leo clutch – 180€

  3. Skinny love mat scale bag –  415€

  4. Optimise bag – 498€


German brand I discovered this week through one of my German friend, absolutely loved the 3 bags bellow, again for a very decent price, all under 300€

  1.  UBE – 179€ on sale was 229€

  2. Toda – 159€ on sale was 249€

  3. Kobef7 – 248€

Mon purse

Was founded in Sydney Australia, & in now available in Europe … One of the main reason I am mention the brand is because I absolutely obsessed with anything customizable, the brand gives you option from a good range of designs, leather type, colors, and engraving of your initials or even name! I personally just love the idea. Very decent prices as well.

so many options …


I don’t know about you, but this post made me want to buy a lot of new bags!

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  1. itsopheliaaa says:

    nice! it’s a huge shopping list to look at!


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