Lashes, LASHES, LaShEs

It goes without saying, that over the past few years everyone has developed an obsession with lashes, strips, semi-permanent etc.

I am a huge fan of anything lashes.

Let’s talk strips , strips of lashes of course!

Love the Eyelure strip lashes that you can get in Boots, they always been my favorites.

Then came out the Sosu lashes,

May I say between the marketing and packaging – wow, pretty impressive! Then I tried them, and ohhhh NO, they are absolutely fabulous!

The different styles, thickness, lengths, price range … loads of options there, and we love it!

I am going to admit though, I totally suck at putting strip lashes on myself … Plus I am a bit of a perfectionist which makes it even harder! They need to look PERFEEEEECT! And YES I know you are going to say, But what about all those Youtube Video tutorial, YUP!… tried that too – I just suck at it!

me wearing SOSU lashes:


Photography by: Tiara Rad
Jewelry (earring and bracelet) by Jo Harpur Jewelry

Because I have a bit of lashes obsession, I decided to try the Yumi lashes treatment a Simply beauty in Sandyford


They say Yumi Lashes is like a Lash perm but BETTER! Traditional Lash Perm only curve your Lashes, on the other hand the Yumi Lashes treatment lifts and boosts your natural lashes, it turn the eyelashes upward, gives volume and length as well.

Part of the treatment is the tint, which for the blondies is great, for me didn’t do much since I am such a brunette.

The treatment last about 40 to 60 minutes, it doesn’t hurt, it is actually relaxing, the chair in Simply Beauty has an internal heater, makes you all warm – definitely helped me relax!

No maintenance, only your lashes cannot touch water for a few hours, I reapplied make up the next day

The Yumi Lashes treatment last from 8 to 12 weeks

Yumi Lashes is actually just perfect for people who do not like semi-permanent or strip lashes

At Simply beauty they only charge 50€ for it, which i thought was a great deal!

I really like my lashes now, they are very curved, which make the mascara application in the morning a lot quicker and easier …


I obviously cannot talk about lashes without mentioning semi-permanent, right? They are fun, fabulous … every woman should try them at least once – then you’ll be addicted!

So as you know you have a professional beauty therapist applying lashes next to your own, mink, synthetic, silk …

For lashes in south Dublin, please check out Linda @NEW Look FX, she is so lovely, has amazing reviews, before after photos & to be honest does an amazing job!

New Look FX website

The appointment start with a consultation, to get the lashes you desire – we all have different tastes after all!

Classic lashes are one lash on every natural lash, Glamorous are half classic half volume and Russian volume are 2-6 lashes on every single natural lash you have! Or you also have the option mix it up with cocktail styling using different lengths , thicknesses and curls and achieve a textured result

No matter your age, from 18 to 80,

Linda will create the look for you!

Linda has a loyalty card, basically the deal is after 6 stamps on the card you get a free refill of your usual lash treatment.

She has a very interesting referral program in place as well, by referring 2 friends for a lash treatment, you get 50% off your next full set of extensions, YES you heard it right 50%!

Linda @ New Look FX also has this ‘quick lash fill’ offer on (all the time) it is a 40 minutes treatment … she calls it a quick fix for when us ladies are a bit tight on cash!


So here is my take on lashes … as you’ve probably notices by now, I am a big fan. I’ve actually just booked an appointment for next week with Linda.

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