BossBabe READINGS for KICKASS women!

With International women day yesterday and the political instability it seems like today is probably the best day for my first ‘Bossbabe readings’ piece.

It is all about empowering ourselves and each other.

It is very obvious that we currently live in a very superficial world – You don’t need one of my blog to figure this out, right!

followers on Instagram, Facebook friends, Snapchat … we all falling victims to it!

So let’s rewind for a minute, you look good today, you might not tomorrow … true accomplishment doesn’t come from the perfect, lips, figure, lashes – although very nice to look at, it won’t last!

Ladies, WE should all have bigger goals than to be ‘famous on Instagram’, again not judging I been a victim to it too, we all have!

let’s re-focus on what matters, we all have dreams, aspirations – things we wanted to be when we grew up, are YOU there yet … ?? did WE forget? I know I had for a while.

No matter what your calling is, you can refocus any day!

To help me do that, I believe being motivated is key, I have been inspired by fantastic women lately.

And it motivated me so much, I started looking at other places/things that could motivate me. I believe there are a tons of books out there to help us grow stronger and motivate us to be better versions of ourselves. Again it is about empowering ourselves as well as each other.

Push each other to go for that dream we gave up on.


Here are a few books I think you should take a look at!

Of course the BIG obvious ‘Lean In’ By Sheryl Sadberg, some people like it, others don’t. I will not agree with everything she has to say, but it is a MUST READ these days.


I’d say you should take a look at the ones bellow too, I know I will:

  • Girl Boss

  • Girl Code

  • The Life changing magic of not giving a F***k

  • Leave your Mark


photo by: Tiara Rad Photography

These are my picks for now, there will be more to come …

I’ll read them and tell you my thoughts about them, if I learned anything, and why YOU should be reading them too.

i am obviously not telling you what to do here, and I am not a big reader myself, but I force myself to read books that inspire me, it helps me grow.

Also my trick, since I have never been a big reader is AUDIOBOOKS!! Try it! you’ll love it!

Reading, meeting amazing women who inspire ME… this is what the ‘BossBabe’ section of my blog will be about.

In this section, I will talk about those books to help US re-focus on being a kick ass women!

I will also talk about BOSSBABE women I meet, who inspire me by doing it all, no matter the circumstances. Built their own brand/business, family and look fabulous while doing it!

Hope you are looking forward to this section, because I am!

I don’t know what you all think but it kind of feels like due to everything happening right now, in the world, we might be at a turning point! At least I hope we are …

I might sound like a bit of a feminist, and from what I have witnessed it can be seen as a ‘bad word’ to some people. But in simple terms feminism is just women wanting the same rights as men. Doesn’t seem like a crazy request to me, or does it?

Currently those rights are being threatened as you know – which i find disgusting to be honest, we might just have to fight back for a while.

Just remember one thing ladies – knowledge is POWER!

3 Replies to “BossBabe READINGS for KICKASS women!”

  1. Great read as per usual and definitely books I will be borrowing off you shortly…


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