Let’s travel – La Baule, France

First destination blog piece in a while,

But if you are like me and trying to plan your next trip, this one could give you cool ideas, like I don’t know, go to France for example.

La Baule is located in the West of France in a region called Brittany.

The closest airport to La Baule is is Nantes, RyanAir flies there by the way. then it is about an hour drive, there is also a train available to get there.

It is seen as a bit of a posh resort that includes beautiful villas, a casino, great restaurants, bars, a beautiful promenade, as well as a sandy beach that is 9 kilometers long.


not bad, huh … wait I have more

La Baule is a very popular destination amoungs French people for either weekends, or summer holidays.

Here are the type of houses you’ll find there, absolutely gorgeous, breath taking and way out of MY budget, they go for a few million euros, which i don’t have just yet! But we are still allowed to look, right?!

La Baule attracts a very wealthy crowd due to the price of real estate as you can imagine.


There are a lot of hotels in La Baule and around, but

The most memorable hotel is on the promenade it is called L’hermitage

l’hermitage is currently redecorating the interiors.

Let’s begin with the outside, the architecture itself, and how massive the building is will take your breath away.

take a quick look:

And that’s just the outside! want a sneak peak of the inside? OK, OK, there you go.

But just so you are aware it is a very expensive hotel.

I have never stayed there, my family owns a lovely house there, so there’s no need – but it is a great location for drinks though!


Has you have gathered it is a bit of posh spot, but definitely one i’d recommend, it is beautiful.

For the foodies, well it IS France so it is expected to have great food and wine of course. La Baule has a lot of restaurants, fresh food markets as well. I mean come on, wealthy crowd = awesome fancy food that’s just a given!

Look at the restaurant ‘La barbade‘, not one of the most expensive places by the way. But so amazing.

It is actually located ON the beach, I don’t believe it gets better than French food & French wine, on a French beach!

The meal wasn’t very expensive, but just being on the beach like that, truly amazing. And YES the food was to die for, and YES I had white wine with it too of course! Because if you have fish you need white wine, just makes it all taste better. It’s a rule, don’t judge me, I did not make it up.

take a look at the restaurant itself, adorable, and with a killer view!

Again, imagine having this type of view and EAT THIS!


Yes they it is Lobster Tagliatelle! I mean seriously, I died and went to heaven.

It is very obvious than La Baule’s main attraction is the beach, but there is a lot more to La Baule than just the beach, such as:

Sailing, sailing classes. Activities around and at the beach such as Yoga on the beach in the morning, or Horse riding in the evenings (how cheesy, yup! I knooooow)

There is also a Casino as I mentioned earlier, The Casino Barriere is owned by the Barriere group. (the hotel mentioned above ‘L’Hermitage’ is also owned by the same group)

The Barriere groups owns a most of the high end hotels and casino in France.

la Baule and any touristic town by the sea have Spas, very different type of Spas you’s see anywhere here, Thalassotherapy centrers.

Thalassotherapy is basically a healing through the use of water. Very popular in France. Our highly injured French athletes swear by it. It is based on the systematic use of seawater, sea products, and shore climate to heal you. Very relaxing.

There are also a lot of stores. Great shopping spots for the shopaholics like me, every major brand, mid-range to high-ends.

La Baule is great for golfing as well, holds a few tournaments every year.

Look up the Golf de Guerande, as well as the Golf International Barriere

As you can see, plenty of activities, if you are not into just laying on a beach like me.

Hope you enjoyed, and it made you want to go off on a cool French Holiday. I am currently planning a trip to the south of France, which means another Frenchie holiday destination blog for you all!

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  1. I wish I could go there some day! Beautiful pics!


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