What’s the with the Unicorn OBSESSION??

What’s the deal with the Unicorn obsession … it has been going on for a while now, it seems it is NOT going away. And so, it got me thinking.

I mean, i find it a little crazy, everything can be made with a Unicorn theme.

I must admit the little girl inside me obsessed with pink and sparkles kinda likes it.


Let’s start with a bit of understanding as to where did Unicorns came from?

The unicorn is a legendary creature obviously. It has been described since antiquity as a beast with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.wp-1490546799616.jpg

The Unicorn was commonly described as an extremely wild creature, a symbol of purity and grace.

It was said that its horn had the power to render poisoned water potable and to heal sickness.




The unicorn is a legendary beast — associated with all things magical, beautiful and happy.


Unicorns are found in the folklore of pretty much every culture, even mentioned in old translations of the bible.

Non-believers say that King James translation of the Bible  refers to a Rhinoceros – But we all know Rhinos have 2 horns, not ONE! And the text clearly talks about 1 horn! So what’s up there? huuum … Were Unicorns ever real then?

Well we do not know.

Scientists say NO, they are not real, never were.

The scientific community has no proof of their existence, then again that’s the same group of dudes that thought the earth was flat! Nevermiiiiiind!

What’s with the obsession?

I think the obsession comes from fairy tales, magical world and the attraction people have always had to the mystical creatures.

To be honest, with the world we live in, we all need to dream a little, and I that’s why this obsession picked up and stayed around.

Also unicorns are just realistic enough to be possible.

After all Unicorns are a beautiful horse with a horn and magical powers … not too far off reality.

Plus everyone likes horses, so horses with super power – How cool right!

unicorn and rainbow

I think for young girls it is also a sign of strength.

I mean yes they are this pretty mystical, magical creature.

But even though they are pretty, sparkly they are very strong and powerful due to their magical abilities. And I think that is a very powerful message for young girls. But that’s just my take on it.

Unicorns have often been associated with rainbows, which is another rainbows.pngfolklore symbol, that has similar meaning of peace and magic.

Plus come on who doesn’t like rainbows!

Living in Ireland, rainbows are not  a rare occurrence – no no no, not due to any type of Irish folklore but due to the type of weather we have here.

Rain, sun, rain, sun = RAINBOWWWWW

I know that each time i see a rainbow it just puts a massive smile back on my face, i think it does that to most people.

For us adults both Unicorns and rainbows remind us of a magical, mystical world … brings us back to that time in our lives when we used to spend our time dreaming and having fun (without any worry in the world), childhood, fairytales etc.

Let’s take a look at the few Unicorn inspired items that are out there at the moment.

There is obviously a lot of make up and make up accessories


Then the tech accessories


There’s food too, take a look at those Coffees and cupcakes, yuuuum


Unicorrn CafeUnicorrn Cafe, Bangkok Thailand

There is a Unicorn cafe in Bangkok, I actually think it is such a cute and fun idea, totally over the top …. but really cool!Love it!

Take a look it’s like fairyland/Unicorn explosion in there


Pretty cool, right?

How about themed parties? We’ve seen themed wedding, & very different one but take a look at unicorn themed wedding

I am big of anything pink and sparkly, but I think it would be a bit much, even for me.


I guess it is taking the fairy + princess wedding theme to the next level! I find it very cool, but again … it would be too much for me.

What do you all think?

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