Beauty Addict – My favorite beauty products right now (2018)

Saying that I like beauty product, is almost an understatement… I am totally obsessed.

I been raised surrounded by women who were always perfect! Some people may say that’s a lot of pressure for a young girl,or not understand why it is important. But I never knew anything else, you’d never see me leave the house undone! I’d feel like something would be soooo wrong with me! People that know me would probably ask me if iam sick!

Mom used to go to the hair dresser at least once a week, my aunt was big on surgery (bottox, face lifts etc)… They both had client facing sales job when I was growing up. Means everything needed to be perfect! Perfect clothes, hair, nail, the right bag and make up etc. And like that everydayyyyyy! So that is ‘my’ normal.

Which explains ME…  Obsessed with fashion, & beauty.

Currently there are a few products I absolutely cannot live without, I’ll also explain why they are so awesome!

Crealine by Bioderma has been the 1 product i been using since i was a teenager, both Crealine by Bioderma and Micellar water by Garnier have been made popular very recently, just know that those products have been used by French women for a very long time now.


so why are those 2 products wayyyyy better than any other makeup remover? It removes make-up very effectively, hydrates and nourishes the skin, good for every type of skins, it helps keep a clear skin, easy to cary even when traveling (Bioderma & Garnier make travel size bottles too)

both products are available in any boots.

Elizabeth Arden ‘8 hour cream’ is another one I would not know how to survive without, as matter of fact it is constantly in my bag. I seen my mom use it since I was a child. It restores, calms and helps relieve chapped, cracked and dry skin. It works efficiently to sooth roughness, redness and minor skin irritations. So most people use it for their lips obviously, I also use it every once in a while on my face, when I need an hydration boost.

8hour cream

Again it is available in boots for 35€ HERE … I know I know you are going to say it is pricey, but … it lasts forever and the best on the market

Mascara’s, my 2 favorite have to be Grandiose by Lancome & RollerLash by Benefit. They are both great for long lashes as well as volume, both available at boots in the same price range.


RollerLash by Benefit 26€

Grandiose by Lancome 31€

Contouring has been all the rage for the past few years, tried the contour sticks by nyx which are pretty amazing, even more for as little as 14€. I now only do cream contouring for my big night outs.

Then moved on to powder contouring which takes me way less time in the mornings. My latest favorite in powder contour palette has to be The Balm highlite N’s CON TOUR palette

The Balm is available at Debenhams here is Ireland

balm highligh and contour

This contour palette goes for 36€

How about foundations, so many different brands, types, it has always been hard for me to pick. But I now have 2 favorites, i sometimes mix them too …

Luminous Silk by Giorgio Armani, the range in colors varies a lot, very light, to the darkest skin. it has this very light feeling on the skin, and doesn’t move all day. It is a high range foundation available at Brown Thomas for 46€, totally worth is though.

amporio armani foundation

My cheaper and yet main go-to foundation is Inglot YSM … again a very light feeling with amazing coverage for as little as 20€, available HERE

inglot ysm foundation

Fixing spray … love them … use them while applying foundation and concealer, then after my make up is ready to set it.

The obvious 1st choice is the one by MAC, used it for years, absolutely love it!

The Prep & Prime Fix+ goes for 22€ in Brown Thomas

mac spray


My other, cheaper but really good choice are the NYX setting sprays, both available at Boots.



NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray – Dewy Finish/Long Lasting

NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray – Matte Finish/Long Lasting

both go for 10€, very decent price

Another one from NYX I cannot live without is the Butter gloss by NYX, best gloss I’ve owned in years, for a very decent price and available in Boots too!

7€ in Boots, available in many many colors

butter gloss


Staying in topic, Mac’s Liptensity -oh myyyyy!

rich colors, very hydrating, love love them … would buy them ALL!!

mac lipenstensity

Now going back to the subject of skincare …

The Newskin repair your complexion I get in Clearskin, amazing! As expensive as any high-end mosturizer, best I’ve owned.

clear skin new skin repair your complexion

Available at clearskin for 50€claerskin – newskin repair your complexion

It is a rich cream that smoothes lines & wrinkles leaving your skin looking & feeling firmer, brighter & more youthful.

The BB creams, everyone uses them now, tthe one I really love right now is the BB cream by Garnier, again very decent in price,

15€ at Boots

garnier bb cream

Hopefully you enjoyed this beauty blog piece, as you can see I am totally obsessed!

One Reply to “Beauty Addict – My favorite beauty products right now (2018)”

  1. tiararad says:

    Love this very much. You know I love my mascara. I think I might have to splash out for one of the more expensive ones. I rarely spend over €12 for one and usually mix and match. I never use the make up remover but I really need to start. I’m getting old… Wonderful blog piece as usual. Thanks Clem You are truly a French girl in Dublin.


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