Redecorating! Trendy Living-Room

I haven’t been writing about interior design too much since the blog went live.

Interior design is one of my first love.

I’ve been lucky enough to be raised in beautiful interiors, but let’s be honest, interior design can be very expensive … And i hate that now with those chain stores (which will remain nameless), we all end up with the same interiors – not COOL!

Here I will show you pieces I believe to make the best IT girl living room interior, those are my personal taste, the type of things i would have in my house, or even dream of having. Some affoardable some, other not so much.

But I have now realized interior design, is like fashion … it is an investment for me, and it should be for you too. Buy things that you know you will still have in your house 10 years from now!

Before we start, we have to think of color … some people like to go with different shades of 1 color. Greys for example, or browns/nudes. I personally like using accent colors. For example a white and grey base with accents of light pink, teal, blue or yellow for instance – to me color gives life to an interior.

For inspiration, i’d say Pinterest is probably the best as you know.

Here are some of my inspirations


Must have 5 Items:

  • A sofa

  • A side table

  • A coffee table

  • A TV stand

  • A lamp

  • 1 or 2 chairs (depending on how much space you have)

Let’s take a look at possible options for sofas


In order : Adela 3 seater sofa , Alston panama , Brandi 3 seater , Ellie Love sit (my favorite) , Whitemeadow charleston , Ashley Manor , Scandinavian retro curved

Let’s take a look at possible options for side tables


In order: Belgravia French Bedside Cabinet – White , Samson side table  , Tina square table, mirrored octagonal side table , The tall mirrored pedestal table ,  Tiffany Single Drawer Bedside, Tina round table (which i have ordered  for myself)

Let’s take a look at possible options for coffee tables


In order: Unity Coffee Table Natural & White,  Angola Clear Coffee Table with Shelf , Angola Clear Coffee Table (which I own) Henzler Coffee Table , Bornholm Coffee Table, Liatorp 

Let’s take a look at possible options for TV stands

when it comes to TV stands I am big on mirrored tv stands, as well as consoles, take a look below.




In order:  1 drawer tiffany dressing table2 door mirrored sideboard cabinetBaker Nixon Media Unit, Classic mirrored TV audio media corner unit , French TV audio unit Ivory,

Let’s take a look at possible options for lamps


In order: ArstidDetail KYOKO Tripod Lamp Filmset Truffle (currently on sale), Dudero, Milano floor lamp, Regolit, Swing arm floor lamp, white gloss block floor lamp

Let’s take a look at possible options for chairs


In order: Willis & gambier (yellow), Alexander & James Jude, Stocksund (teal), Scandinavian retro curved , Strandmon (light blue) , mindy brownes taylor , GFA Cotswold Accent Chair Duck Egg , Benarp (dark grey) , Willis & Gambier Ivory , Willis & Gambier lille .

All those are obviously the basics you need in your living room,

Another good tip from me to you, try 2nd hand furniture stores. I love finding old furniture and repainting them with a pink, or turquoise …

And of course let’s not forget about accessories. Accessories such  as ashtrays, vases, flowers, books, photo frames, plants etc. those are massively important for your interior. They make your interior lived in.

Maybe I’ll do another blog on accessories only!

Hope you enjoyed.


One Reply to “Redecorating! Trendy Living-Room”

  1. tiararad says:

    As per usual…Pure Inspiration. I am LOVING the idea of the racks with the books or in my case I would be putting up images. I am saving that. I love the lamp that bends over I have been looking for one of those for a little bit now for my beauty area in my bedroom. I only have the one you got me at the moment for lighting and its not that sufficient. The article is written with care and love. Nice work Clemmy xx


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