The fabulous world of a Pin-up girl

Today with the fashion industry finally showing interest in plus size ladies (dumb term if you ask me) Pin up fashion line and boutiques.

It is like the fashion world it is telling us it has been craving those gorgeous curves we’ve been told to hide for the few past decades.


I believe a few curvylicious ladies have shown the way, and the world is finally ready to listen!

There’s been an obsession with corset trainer lately as well, to showcase those curves even more – i mean if you haven’t heard the term ‘hourglass’ body, we sure don’t live on the same planet!


Beauty pageants have recently have been opening themselves to those fabulous ladies size 12s and above.

So apparently at size 12, you are Plus Size? huuuum OK!

There is a trend recently that has picked up, the vintage, 20’s Pin-up vintage fashion, and we are all loving it, it accentuates the curves and so the beauty of women.


Some of you might not know but a couple of months ago I had the pleasure to model on Ireland AM for my good friend Lulu Cullen owner of Lulu Belle Pin Up boutique, (her dresses above & bellow) I might have mentioned her boutique previously.


Yes, we did have a lot of fun!

What you might not know, is – that day I met Miss Pin Up Ireland 2016 who i also Miss Curvy Ireland 2017!

Meet Sue Kelly, Miss Pin-up & Miss Curvy Ireland!


I have never been a pageant girl, not a big thing where I am from, I had obviously heard about them, see them on TV, and so I was intrigued.


Miss Pin Up, was first created 5 years ago in the UK,

The competition is now held of course in the UK, in Ireland, and there is also an international competition too now!

This year is the second year for miss Pin Up Ireland, so yeah, you heard it right … Sue, was the 1st Miss Pin Up Ireland winner! YEAY for Sue!

So yeah as mentioned before when she explained to me she was the first Miss Pin Up Ireland, I wanted to hear more.

So here it goes! Sue explained to me she wasn’t modelling for all that long before she signed up for the pageant.

Like any Beauty Pageant, you obviously have a talent and a question section … yes just like the pageants you see on TV!

Image result for miss world beauty pageant 2016

photo of Miss world 2016

Back to Sue’s story – On top of everything else, Sue also paints, so that was her talent at the pageant. to add a twist to the competition, she painted the picture upside down, sothat the jury’s wouldn’t figure out what she was painting.

Check out Sue’s art work:




Overall Sue explains she had a fabulous experience doing the pageant, she had met some amazing ladies doing it. She explained she was extremely surprised to win Miss Pin Up Ireland, and the fact that she won meant she was automatically qualified for Miss Pin Up International – How exciting right!

At Miss Pin Up International Sue came second! Not bad for a girl who was modelling only for a couple of years!

A few month later she won Miss Curvy  Ireland 2017 as well!


what she’s explained to me, is that of course she got some negative feedback. But the amount of positive feedback and love overshadowed the ‘haters’.

Image result for love

She also explained, photoshoots, modelling, pageants are not as glamorous as people might think. Not behind the scenes anyways. And I’ve had that experience as well.

But sometimes your changing room isn’t all that nice, sometimes there’s no changing room and you have to change outside, for everyone to see.

But the end results are always fabulous.


Since those 2 pageants Sue has been working as  plus size model, and been getting a lot of media coverage.

Note that the semi finals for Miss Pin-Up Ireland will take place next week, so it is a little too late for you to win this year, but there’s always next year!

What is very important to mention I think, is that Sue has struggled with her weight for years. She used to be a size 6, she is now modeling at a size 16!

I think a lot of us ladies go through a difficult time with our weight, I think society pressures young girls to fit in a format or size that was never meant to be theirs.

Truth is … I am against being overweight – I still fight my weight everyday! Went from a size 8 to 18 (due to a medical condition) and now back to a a size 12.

But if you eat right, in the right proportions , and you are healthy – then it is a no brainer!

I think pageant like these remind us, that beauty has no size! Just be YOU ladies! and more importantly BE HAPPY! And to be honest curves are so attractive, embrace them!



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