How about a drink – Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz seem to be the latest trend … Seems everyone is obsessed lately, even more in the south of France where I was last week. You could see orange drinks everywhere!

So anyways! I started drinking Aperol Spritz last year with my old aunt –  god if she heard me she would totally have me killed!

It is a very refreshing, slightly alcoholic orange taste drink … let me give you the recipe, since getting one in Dublin has a been a bit difficult in my experience – I haven’t given up hope just yet on finding a place in Dublin that can make just the right one – still looking though!

So for those of you who’ve never had one, it is Aperol (an orange liquor), Prosecco and Sparkling water with a lot of ice – yuuum! It is traditionally served with a big slice of Orange.

This drink was massively popular in the 50’s – yup the drink has been around for a while, mom also said to me … ‘Buuuuuut that’s an old peoples drink’ mind you mom is 60 years old – LOL

Check out this video which shows you how to make one

Aperol Spritz are very trendy in Italy, and it is everywhere in the south of France right now!

So here is the actual recipe – easiest cocktail to make EVER

  • 75ml of Prosecco (3 x shots)

  • 50ml Aperol (2 x shots)

  • a dash of soda water (1 x shot)

  • Ice

  • A slice of orange

Top places to drink a Spritz Aperol in Dublin are the following:

Guess what I’ll be doing this week? YES I will try them all!

And now HERE is the face of happiness (MINE)!


Doesn’t that look so good and refreshing?

Hope you enjoyed the blog,

Now go make yourself a drink!

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