Holidays – Cannes

If you are following me on my Instagram of Facebook page you might know that I was on holidays last week.

My social media is currently full of beach, sand, water, cocktails and the cool things I have seen.

Sneak peek:


I went to the south of France. I stayed in Cannes for the entire week. Yes Cannes, fabulous!!!

Let me tell you a little bit about Cannes.

So Cannes is obviously on the French Riviera, it is in the south of France. You’d have to be living under a rock not to know where or what it is … but I thought I’d share with you my experience & knowledge.

YES, it was my first time in Cannes, NO it was not my first time in the area though, as a teenager I used to spend my summer holidays in St-Tropez  – How fancy, yeah I know! Maybe I can tell you about St-Tropez another time.

So, back to Cannes. The city is obviously associated with the Cannes (film) Festival, luxurious brands, famous people, luxurious hotels and lifestyle.

Cannes also hosts other festivals, most of them around the arts.


The stairs that are walked up at the Cannes Festival by all those super famous actors. Honestly they look a lot more impressive on that they do in real life.

Cannes has been this prestigious for less than a 100 years. (holidays, lifestyle etc).

It obviously got a lot more popular due to the Film festival which was celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

It is important to note that a generation ago Cannes wasn’t accessible to everyone. It was a place for the very wealthy. Today there are affordable places (hotels, restaurants etc.)

What to do in Cannes?

The main attraction apart from the festival obviously, is the beach … it was for me anyways, but there are plenty of the things to do of course.

But take a look at this, why wouldn’t you want to spend your days here

Iles de Lerins is Two islands just a boat ride from Cannes, Ste-Marguerite and St-Honorat, are covered by eucalyptus and pine forests and are home to Fort Royal.

take a look, how gorgeous this is …

Of course Cannes, La croisette is the must, but if like me you go to the beach, you’ll walk it everyday.

It runs along the shoreline of Cannes, is full of upscale store which as you know I love.

yup, not bad I know!

Talking about shopping, Rue d’antibes is the way to go, has all the stores imaginable. check it out if you are in Cannes! A lot of the higher range stores are either there or on the Croisette (by the beach)

The streets of Cannes 


Most Photos taken by ME

Cannes, having this obvious high end side has some pretty luxurious hotels


The Carlton is one of the fanciest hotels in Cannes. Check out the clock, it is ROLEX! yes you heard it right, even I was surprised!


And here a few pictures of the food I enjoyed while in Cannes – Yuuum!


The food was to die for as it is always in France, but honestly the mid-range restaurants were amazing, great prices.

& of course Aperol Spritz was my drink of choice!

Given how much I ate, I don’t even know how i didn’t get fat – great times though!


For those of you looking to go to Cannes, its closest airport is obviously Nice … the nice airport is really cool. it is located on the coast line, which means than when you land the plane turns around towards the airport/coast, and while the planes goes to land it looks like you are about to land on water. pretty impressive.



I hope I made you want to go to the south of France, I will definitely do it again, the weather was between 25 to 30 degrees, extremely sunny. I had the best time! loved, LOVED, LOVED it!!!!


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