FrenchGirlIndublin’s tips – designer bags

As you may know by now I am a lover of the pretty things, and designer handbags is one thing out of many that I absolutely adore.

But let’s be honest, most people do not have a few thousands euros/dollars to buy designer handbags, unless you have one of those highly paid job or a rich husband.

I am in my mid-thirties, paying rent that is way too expensive, bills etc.

So as you can imagine, I cannot afford a designer handbag every couple of months. How sad!!!! I know.

For those who know me personally, yes I know i get them anyways as presents – Yup I am that girl! Lucky, won’t argue there.

But if you do not have people in your life to spoil you, I am a true believer that you should be able to do that for yourself!

so here are my tips, I only have 2 tips!

  • always go for the classic designs

they last a lifetime, will never go out of style, NEVER! trust me 90% of the classics in trend today. my mom owned them at a certain point in her life. Go for the investment piece! trust me on this one.

What might be investment pieces you may ask … well they are the ones that just popped into your head! 

go for the brands, the big ones that have been around for ages, and their classic designs, like those for instance:



Also a good tip, is to have different colours, not just BLACK ladies!

  • Pre-loved or vintage bags

I love the term ‘Pre-loved’, vintage is a popular one too … as a teenager I used to steal my moms Vuitton, or Chanels, those are definitely vintages, older look (as in the design) but so cool. Then for ‘Pre-loved’ you can find designs that are actually the exact same that the ones you’d buy brand new, just 30% to 60% – I mean seriously you cannot beat that right!

There are a couple of store in ireland that specialize in pre-loved items such as Siopaella, Bella Blackrock, and Designer Exchange to name a few.

But I have to be honest here, even though those stores are amazing, my ultimate favorite is a store located in Paris (YES France), they have so much choice, and a WEBSITE! trust me, check it out, you’ll thank me!!!

Collector Square is my go to, when I have saved a bit of money, or even for my upcoming birthday present, I found an amazing Chanel tote! 

Here is my new baby:



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