Beauty product FIND – ‘Wing it’ eyeliner stamp

Every once in a while you stumble upon a product that literally changes your life.

I am obsessed with eyeliners, more importantly, that super cute Pin-up style wing – Just makes your eye so beautiful doesn’t it?

Changes the entire game!


My thing with eyeliners, they need to last forever.

Waterproof is key! I have runny eyes PLUS I live in Ireland, and since it rains a lot here, I obviously needed something that would last!

My latest find is the ‘Wing it’ eyeliner stamp.

Buy HERE for 14.99€

I obviously know how to create a wing with a regular liquid eyeliner, but I have a bit of an obsessive personality, so it needs to be perfect, and the exact same on each side. Of course that is were I spend the most time doing make up in the morning.


This product has a ‘wing’ stamp in order to create the perfect wing … i am gaining so much time here ladies It makes the wings absolutely identical on each side, and in only a few seconds! So amazing and life changing!


I would recommend this product to everyone, i am totally going to buy a few for presents.

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