APP of the moment – Shopping smart – With PleezMee

If you know me either through the blog or in person – you might be aware that ONE, I am obsessed with shopping and TWO I have the best tips.

So here it comes PleezMee is a new app that helps you organize and save your next purchase/gifts …

the lists can be shared as well, best idea for when people don’t know what to get for you at Christmas or for your birthday!

Vanessa Davin the founder, just simply realized she had a tendency to forget the things she saw in store and thought she might want later. Which is something that has obviously happened to all of us, and more than just ONCE!


PleezMee helps you organize your ‘shopping’ ideas simply

Using lists, with reminders, geolocalisation, images, and links.

The lists are also shareable with friends through the usual messaging apps, emails, texts etc.

You’ll be able to access your friends’ profiles, and so – find the best gifts for THEM too! Which is super smart I think.

Their slogan is ‘ Memorize now, Enjoy later’ Very catchy!

This APP is brand new, it is coming to us all the way from Belgium!

The App is currently only vailabe on iphone, but soon to be available on Android phone as well, and I cannot wait!


Download on Itunes from HERE

Take a look at the video here:

And here take a look a what it looks like on your iPhone



For more information go to the PLEEZMEE website, and you can obviously find more info on their Instagram and Facebook page.

Happy shopping!

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