This one is for the ladies

In case you didn’t know Tuesday this week was female Orgasm day!

Iam sure you didn’t know thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! no worries, I did not know either, and so thought it would be the best opportunity to chat about the subject.


Fun fact –  it is a Brazilian holiday celebrated every year on the 8th of August.

It helps women become more aware of their sexuality.

The female orgasm has long been a mysterious part of sex – not anymore though.

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super brief moment in history of female orgasm (know your history ladies)

Medieval Times: Female Orgasms Are Required – they though in order to make babies, women had to orgasm

The 1800s: All About Hysteria – a kind of female-specific nervous condition that drove a woman completely insane and required pelvic massage. This eventually led to the invention of the vibrator

The 1940s: Wait, Women Masturbate? – Alfred Kinsey’s huge sexual survey in the 1940s did much to demystify the orgasm (and a lot of other sexual behavior).

The 1960s: Scientific Theories Abound – Now that the female orgasm was thoroughly believed and acknowledged to exist, researcher want to understand why it exists.

The 2000s: All About The Health Benefits- Scientists lined up to prove what it was good for – anything to get laid really!

OKAY, enough history, on to the fun stuff now!

Fun facts

  • we can Orgasm from working out – okay now, where is the gym again?

  • Marijuana users have more orgasm (according to a 215 study) I am not a drug user so I wouldn’t know

  • our parents have more orgasm than we do – ewwwwwwww – the millennial generation currently has 12% fewer orgasms than baby boomers. However, we suspect that this discrepancy is simply due to the fact that baby boomers are older and thus more sexually experienced. (glamour reports)

  • Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm – nothing new there, right?!!


And now – The did you know part

  • It can relieve the pain such as a headache – funny, no? all these women faking headaches … hhahaa

  • Condoms do not actually affect orgasm

  • 30% of women have trouble reaching orgasm – how saaaaaaaaaaaaad

  • Orgasm gets better with age – totally agree with THAT!

  • In rare cases, women can reach orgasm even without touching themselves – that is the power of the women imagination!

  • For most women, it takes a while – be patient booooooooooooys

  • It balances our hormones ladies

  • oxytocin (=hormone)

How about some tips for the ladies

  • Toys and tools –  yup try sex toys girls, alone or with your partner

  • Muscle work – ‘kegels’

  • keep yourself and your feet warm – i know it is weird but research show that by keeping yourself warm you have 30% extra chance to reach orgasm

  • Connect – connecting mentally and physically with your partner (as women) increases chances of better orgasm

  • be playful



OK, Go play now!

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