Must watch – An inconvenient sequel

Some of you might not know, but I absolutely love documentaries … yeah not everyone’s thing – I get it!

But this one is a must!

11 years ago Vice President (of the United States) Al Gore released the documentary an ‘Inconvenient truth’

Full video is available on Youtube, check it out just bellow.

It was amazing, one of the first important documentary on climate change (for me) … You also have to remember back then, climate change was not YET very known to the public.

Today the subject is finally widely spread, even though we still have a large amount of people not believing in it.

It is not like we are preaching a new religion or that Aliens exist – THIS IS SCIENCE! wake up!!!!!!!!!

In ‘an inconvenient truth’ there was this cartoon on climate change, that i thought was the equivalent of ‘climate change for dummies’ so if you haven’t seen the documentary here is the cartoon, kinda funny too:

11 years later he is releasing a new documentary ‘An inconvenient sequel’

here is the trailer

Go watch it, I just watched the trailer… And I cannot wait to see the entire thing, (probably over the weekend)

the 1st one changed my views and understanding on the matter, litteraly opened my eyes.


So if you haven’t seen the 1st one, make sure to catch it online-it is a must see!


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