BossBabe reading – The Magic of Not Giving a F*** by Sarah Knight

The latest book I have been into is ‘The life changing magic of not giving a F**k’ by Sarah Knight.

this book has been translated into 17 languages, it is a best-seller.

The idea behind this book is to teach you to leave the ‘clutter’ behind and focus on people and things that actually matter to YOU!

Here are  a few of the things she teaches us in the book:

  • The NOT sorry method

as in – do you actually give a F**k about this? does it annoy you, makes you happy?


  • Giving fewer F**K has great benefits

The power of the NO, learn to say no to the things you dont enjoy. Sarah says ‘When you stop doing so many things that annoy and do not bring you joy, “your spirit will be lighter’


  • Draft a F**K budget

we all have things we don’t want to do, so of those we can say NO to, and avoid. some we cannot. having a fucks budget works just like money … you cannot spend more than you already have – Think about that now!


  • Be honest and polite, but not too honest nor too polite.

    Don’t provide too much detail; don’t suggest you have anything to apologize for. It is okay to say NO!The-Life-Changing-Magic-Of-Not-Giving-a-Fck-03

  • #ZeroF*cks or #NoF*cksGiven is a lie.

    Even though it is super popular hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, any one that actually doesnt give FUCK about anything is a sociopath.

    “Not giving a f*ck means taking care of yourself first, like affixing your own oxygen mask before helping others,” Migh sound selfish … but sometimes you just need to take care of YOU 1st!

Sarah also appeared on TedX to talk about her book,

check out her video below:

Here is her method:



Quit caring, or faking that you care about certain things that you really don’t care about at ALL! this is going to save your energy for things that actually do matter to YOU!


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