Businessing in Barcelona

Because I am away this week I did not think I would be able to get some writing done, but since i am a multi-tasker …. here we go.

Some of you may of you may not know, but i have a day job, i work for a Tech company,

tech emoji

This week they have sent me to Barcelona to this massive conference … loads of businessing, networking events … all and all very intereting, exciting and fun!

 thought i’d share a bit of what I have seen, eaten and enjoyed while in barcelona.



Also it was my first time in barcelona, I lived in Madrid as a student for 2 years and never made it up here .. very different culturaly, they speak Catalan, want their independance – oh and they have the beach, which is a very big selling point oif you ask me.

Monday the catalans where in the streets for their national holiday, theya re currently voting to have complete fredom from the rest of Spain, half a million people took the streets Monday.


The vote will happen in 3 weeks, and interestlingly enough the Spanish government sees it as illegal – this should be fun for all parties i’d say!

let me tell you speaking Spanish, even though mine is a bit rusty, since i havent used it on a daily basis in a decade, is still very helpful – even more since none of my colleagues can speak it.

I stayed at the AC hotel sants, not the fanciest area, not on the beach either – but fabulous room, and great service.


From tomorow I am going to  different hotel , one that’s less business and way more fun. Also it has a pool! Spending the rest of the weekend here in Barcelona to get some rest, top up my tan, speand time with friends and have a few cocktails. Horrible life, yes i know!!

for more of my Barcelona adventures, go to my Instagram

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