Mind yourself – This week i have tried Meditation 

I’ve learnt this year that i am not WonderWoman,

wonder woman.jpg

I don’t mean the actual superhero, although that would be really cool too, but more in a sense that I cannot do it all ALONE.

It is something I find very weird, because i was raised by a single mom who seemed to be able to do it alone, so of course that’s what I’ve been trying to be. but now being an adult(-ish) i realize it was all an act.

And turns out that act is a hard one to keep up if you do not mind yourself.

This week is my week of wellness, and I chose to try meditation, many of my friends have told me how amazing it is, relaxing, helps gets rid of stress etc.

here are a few of the benefits of Meditation:

  • Reduces stress

  • Controls anxiety

  • Promotes emotional health & stability

  • enhances self-awareness

  • Lengthens Attention Span

  • May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss

  • Can Generate Kindness

  • May Help Fight Addictions

  • Improves Sleep

  • Helps Control Pain

  • Can Decrease Blood Pressure

  • Increases Immunity

  • Lowers Blood Pressure

  • Increases happiness

  • Increases focus and productivity

  • Helps to deal with difficult life events

When i talk about meditation people have a tendency to look at me in a weird way. it was once (and probably still) seen as an esoteric practice, something hippies were into. and i might have had those thoughts too at one time in my life, but meditation helps me clear my mind, relax and focus on what matters.

here an example of the type of sound to listen to while meditating:

There are many videos about meditation on YouTube, check it out.

Please note that the Benefits listed are only the scientifically proven benefits of meditation to date, which means people may see other benefits to Meditation.

I have tried Meditation Express at the Holistic center in Dublin, it is a place that i go to regularly for Reiki, massages and so much more …

Meditation Express is held by Claudia Manica, the room smells like incense, she makes you lay down close your eyes, puts a cushion full of lavender on your eyes which you can smell with every breath you take. Then bangs lightly on metal bowls which she has placed in different areas of the room; they make different noises and send vibrations throughout your body while listening to her voice and meditation music – it is highly relaxing I would recommend it to anyone who is highly affected by the stress of life. I will definitely go back soon.


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