Beauty Addict – Getting Hair extensions in Dublin

I wanted to talk about my hair extensions, simply because people keep asking me where I got mine done, and also because getting hair extensions in insanely expensive in 95% of the salons anywhere in an around Dublin.


And since I always have tips for all of you, I thought I’d share what I learned.

To be honest it took me a little while, and extensive research before deciding where to get them done this time around. I started by researching online, then went to the obvious salons in town who charge a minimum of 800euros. Yup you heard it right.

I am sorry, that’s insane!

Like seriously, what’s in that hair GOLD?


Anywho I reached out to plenty of salons, and hair extensions specialist online, I found a couple of salons near Swords who seemed to do a good job for a decent price, but since I am located in the city center and I do not drive it would not have been the best option for me.

My options left where either Hairspray – hello obvious!!!!

OR SilkeHairExtensions … so before picking between the 2, I stumbled across an amazing blog online which talked about SilkeHairExtensions, so I decided I would look at the website, social media etc.

Here is SilkeHairExtensions Instagram


And because it all looked very professional, and for a decent price I thought I’d give it a GO!


see here, amazing work:


So as you all know I went … here are my thoughts.

Emma is absolutely lovely, she has been doing hair extensions for 6 years she says, she works out of a salon called Pure Elegance located in Monkstown.

I was impressed by the quality of the hair. She got them onto my head in less than 2 hours.

Even after the 1st wash no tangles at all, great color choice, she uses 100% human hair which is double drawn, giving them extra thickness.

The technique used is the microbead technique with mini beads,

Here is my before/after photo, YES it is me on her Instagram 🙂



And here her prices and services.

prices and services

So if you haven’t figured it out, I am super happy with my new hair, everyone around me think it looks great as well, so if you want hair extensions, you should definitely go though SilkeHairExtensions.

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  1. shelly says:

    Fab review


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