Beauty Addict – Fenti beauty 

Recently The fabulous Rihanna released her make-up brand ‘Fenty Beauty’ if it was just another make-up brand i don’t think people would have been so excited about the launch, but let’s be real, it is RIHANNA, everything she does from music, fashion, to make-up is just always amazing.


so I thought I’d take the time to read up about it, go see the make-up for myself and let you know what I have learned.

Considering; it is not as expensive as I thought, the packaging is very cool. It is a high-end but budget-friendly line.

Also the word on the street is that by end of year she is going to beat Kylie, Kim’s makeup brands (in sales)

Now the products 


with 40 possible shades, because well we all have different skin tones, and somehow there is not that much choices at there if you are a bit darker – little tip do not buy the foundation online, the idea is to have the perfect match to your skin color, so you really need to go test it out is store.

please note that the foundation is full coverage & MATTE.


** pro tip**

always ask for a sample, this foundation has a tendency to go  little darker after a few hours

The Match Stix come in 20 matte shades and 10 shimmery shades


They are great for concealing, contouring, highlighting, and eye shadow – very much multipurpose.

The highlighters colors are probably some of the best out there, go try them out, i fell in love and wanted them all …


The LipGloss, now i find the lipgloss hydrating & not sticky, really loved the packaging too.


Note that unlike others Rihanna focused on skin over eyeshadows, or lipsticks.

Overall, thank you Rihanna, very cool line, and for any girl like me who is obsessed with makeup well just go try the products, you will fall in love like i did.

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