words from a reformed party girl

For many many years, I was known as ‘the party girl’, from Paris to Madrid, to Heidelberg (Germany) to Dublin …

to mention that I’ve misplaced my twenties is an understatement – SUUUURE I had a blast, but I have to be honest, I do not remember much of it! Thank god for the photos.


I wasn’t just a ‘weekend’ party girl, I was a Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night & Sunday night party girl, that’s 5 days out of 7! Like seriously if I had to do that today, I’d probably DIE!!!!!!

For a while I think this party life took over ‘normal life’. I partied very hard from age 19 to 31 – that’s a loooong time!

Did not have my priority straight, all I was interested in was to have fun

I think I partied this hard to avoid ‘real life.

approaching my thirties it became pretty obvious that I needed to get my shit together. I was stuck in shit jobs, superficial friendships, and relationships, unhealthy habits.

Those years where necessary I believe, and I sure gt the ‘party’ out of my system. Absolutely no regrets.

And I must admit, I met people that will be part of my life forever, others that I gladly forgot too


There are a few things I miss though

  1. Having to hunt for a new party outfit constantly (how did I even afford it – I don’t even know!)

  2. Making constant bad decision, that you laugh about a few days later

  3. Knowing I always had someone to go out with, drunk, dance, laugh

    pexels-photo (1).jpg

What happens when you used to party this much and you stop?

  1. People keep asking you where the hell you have been, and what is wrong with you

  2. You finally realize that having no plan for your weekend is actually OKAY

  3. You get used to Friday nights in, and actually look forward to them

  4. Going out now, is actually way more fun (not just like any other blurry night out)

  5. You wonder were your ‘old’ party friends are up to now

  6. People’s priceless reaction when you reveal your old ways

  7. Your bank account will grow (since you spend less money on booze)

  8. Your immune system will get better

  9. You realize what your real priorities are (as in not parties, or parties outfits, or boys)

Even though I do not drink or go out as much s I used – I still have trust issues with people that do not drink!

One thing I am extremely grateful for – Social media was not a ‘thing’ when I was in my 20’s!

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