Must see Christmas movies

So, since it feels like Christmas everywhere we go… HELLO DECEMBER!

It is now the 14th of December, have you watched all your favorite Christmas moves yet?

I thought I’d share with you the must-see Christmas movies to get us in a festive, happy Christmas mood!

From Christmas classics to rom-coms, to comedies and drama … we all love and adore Christmas movies, here are the ones I watch over and over again. Apologies if your fav isn’t on my list!

Home Alone – 1990

I have absolutely no idea how many time I have watched that one, must be in the 100’s


Dr Seuss how the Grinch stole Christmas – 2000


The Gremlins – 1984

don’t be mad, I am an 80’s baby – this one was my favourite growing up!

Elf – 2003

Office Christmas party – 2016

only out last year, but I fund it hilarious an so it is on my list

And of course, the rom-coms, probably 3 of my favorite even outside the holiday season

The Holiday-2006


Love actually-2003

The Family Stone – 2005

I hope you enjoyed reading/watching this as much as I did!

happy Christmas everyone.


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