12 things to remember in life


I do not normally do simple, short list blogs, but this is an important one in order to stay sane in this crazy world we live in

  1. The past cannot be changed

    Although your past definitely changes your future, and the way you see things, don’t be sad or look back – always look forward

  2. Other people’s opinions do not define your reality 

    Other people’s opinion, seems to matter more when you are young, but at the end of the day just remember – their opinion are not who YOU are, and their opinions are not going to pay your bills!

  3. Everyone’s journey is different 

    Don’t compare your life to someone else’s, we all go through a  different path, and so our timelines are different

  4. Things get better with time

    Things to get better with time, or wine whichever comes first. lol With time you only remember and focus on what really matters.

  5. What goes around comes around 

    Sometimes we go through things (myself included) and we feel trapped, that people who hurt us will not get punished for their actions – trust me they will, and your current situation doesn’t have to be your forever situation.

  6. Judgments are a confession of character 

    Judgement, and judgmental people, really judge themselves, remember that. Also stay away from people like that, they are highly toxic

  7. Happiness is found within 

    Your happiness is all about you, train your brain to be happy, and the rest will follow!

  8. Smiles are contagious 

    Ever realize how when you smile and/or laugh people smile/laugh back at you? the best type of contagion ever!

  9. Kindness is free

    be kind you do not know what other [people are going through, plus it is free. also if you are kind, people will be kind back to you!

  10. Over thinking leads to sadness

    Like in Frozen, just let is go, overthinking will only bring pain!

  11. You fail only if you quit

    Never quit, if you really want it, keep pushing, you’ll eventually what you want and deserve.

  12. Positive thoughts create positive things 

    Just think positively … being positive is also very contagious, people will crave you ‘vibe’


One Reply to “12 things to remember in life”

  1. hotmama247 says:

    These were great tips! Please check out my post. I’m new here and I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks!


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