My Christmas traditions

This will be the last one of my Christmas themed blog

We all have different traditions,

my world, my friends, my readers – we all have different backgrounds.

So this year I decided to share with you with words, photos and videos of a beautiful French Christmas in the country – MIIIINE

The way we do things in my family, which is probably different from one household to another. But this is what normal to me. And I would not be able to do it any other way!

As you all know I live in Ireland, my family is in France … so Christmas is always done running for me, starting by catching a  plane in Dublin Airport on Saturday morning.

Morning airport means Starbucks breakfast


And what does one do while drinking her Starbucks coffee bored in the airport, helloooooo Christmas Snapchat filters of course!


run, run, run, time to get  onto that plane – YES I fly Air France – how FREEEENCH


An hour and 30 minutes later, here I am at Paris CDG airport.

Then my mom picks me up, and we drive down for 3 hours to the family country house – YES I know it is a bit of a journey, buuuuut it is totally worth it!

The part of the family we spend Christmas with is located in a region called ‘pays de la loire’ it is a wine, food, and castle region … beautiful area.

A bit of fresh and country air does everyone some good.



And here are a few of the Christmas decoration …



The past few years Christmas has felt even more special and magical. a couple of years ago my cousin had her first child, this year she had a little girl too. For many years before that it was the older kids that used to get spoiled – still happens FYI, but it is so much more fun and magical when you have kids running around, the excitement is so amazing, the stars in their eyes!

My family starts celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve, we start with drinks & appetizers, well really Champagne and appetizers.


The Christmas Eve table


then dinner …


, then at midnight PRESENTS!!!!


Did I mention I got massively spoiled this year?


And now roll on to Christmas day food


Now it is Tuesday 26th of December, and I have to run (drive) to Paris to catch my plane

Oh by the way … seen the box but you did not see how spoiled I got, and what was in the box!

iamclemc-1514837094765.jpgYes, I know .. very spoiled.

And here we are again, back on that plane, and back to reality!


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