What is Mansplaining?

If you’re a woman over the age of 18 who’s ever left her house, chances are you’ve suffered from Chronic Male Over-explaining Disorder, commonly known as ‘Mansplanation.’


According to Merriam-Webster, mansplaining is “what occurs when a man talks condescendingly to someone (especially a woman) about something he has incomplete knowledge of, with the mistaken assumption that he knows more about it than the person he’s talking to does.”

Jimmy Kimmel explains what Mansplains is, uses it on Hillary Clinton

5 ways to deal with Mansplainers:

  1. Ignore it (when it comes from your boss for instance, that would probably be a good idea)
  2. Point it out (very satisfying)
  3. pretend to be dumb (ask the dumbest questions, see the male reaction)
  4. ask them very obvious questions to point out how ridiculous they are
  5. Ask them if they know the term ‘mansplaining’




Here is a little chart of when is mansplaining appropriate.


Reasonale: Your Solution to Mansplaining! (humour)

** By the way the fact that you are male isn’t the problem, but the fact that you think you know better because you are male, that is where the problem stands. Maybe it is our society’s fault. But still, it is not a reason to keep doing it**

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