Ancestry DNA

A few weeks back I decided to take the Ancestry DNA test …

People ask me why I did it … well simply because my family history is a bit fuzzy & all over the place. If you are from mainland Europe like me, chances are your family has come from all over.

I tan way too fast and dark for a French (white) girl, and also I thought it would be FUN to find out!

So first you register on the website, pay for the service, then they send you a box.

images (2)

What’s in the box Clem what’s in the box…


the box arrives, they make you spit in a tube that you send it back to them, the envelope is pre-paid – so whatever it is that you paid that’s it!

You also need to register your kit online so that they can link it to your profile.

Want to know my result?

Here they are:


As per image above… I am from all over in Europe, which is something I suspected.

While it might not make sense to you. It actually made total sense to me and my family.

On my mom side, my grandmother had roots from the UK and France. my grandfather was from the east of France and so has roots from Germany, Austria, and central Europe etc. Big tall blond, blue-eyed man.

From my dad side, they are darker. We have roots from the south, and it goes a lot farther than I thought.

We were told about Gypsy roots.

On my dad side, my grandmother (his mom) was adopted.

The story goes, her mom (my great grandmother) was a young lady from a French ‘white’ family who had a ‘fling’ with a young Gypsy man – poor guy was probably NOT gypsy at all, just darker for the population at the time.

Back then, and in the type of family she came from (great Grand-ma) having a darker baby, was not really ‘in’ as you can imagine. So the family made her give her baby girl (my GrandMother) for adoption.

So we had a little idea why we were a bit darker than mosts.

as per the map, the roots go farther than Spain, and a lot farther south and est than I thought

From Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Egypt, to Turkey – which I found absolutely fascinating!

I’ve always been very into cultures around the Mediterranean, plus if you know what I look like, well you cannot be surprised either.

So not only does this ancestry kit finds your roots due to the gigantic database. They basically test you against their massive database and finds where people with similar DNA are located.

They also find relatives you never knew you had. I found a cousin in the UK! How cool is that!!!

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