Let’s get personal – Things most people do not know about me

Today I thought I’d share a bit of who I am,  and where I come from

Let’s not get into I am French and I live in Dublin, even if you do not know me personally the ‘hint’ is in the blog name …

Here are a few things that you wouldn’t know about me … even if we are  friends

  1. My Grandparents (maternal) lived in Morroco for a few years. (no, I do not have any Morrocan origins)
  2. English is my 3rd language … although kinda forgot the 2nd.
  3. My nanny was from Senegal and so, I spoke their dialect (Waloff) until age 6. 
  4. Growing up my parents (mom & dad) owned nightclubs in Paris, as well as in a ski resort.night club
  5. I left home I was 17 years old and been moving ever since (USA, Spain, Germany and now Ireland)
  6. I have a degree in International relations and diplomacy from an American University
  7. My family used to be the owner of the largest Circus in France (PINDER if you want to look it up)download
  8. My family was the creator and ownerof  the first amusement parks in France, one of them is still open to date
  9. My great uncle was a famous actor (in his days) and owned a Zoo which was located behind his house, and as pets, we did not have dogs or cats, we had tigers & pumas walking around the house.
  10. My great Aunt was the main act at the Moulin Rouge (YES, that Moulin Rouge!)moulin rouge

those were probably a few things you did not expect I would say … well, now you know 10 more things about me.

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