Things you need to know – The pink TAX!



The “pink tax” is based off of the claim that female branded products cost more than male branded products, leading to the claim that “women pay more for the exact same products as men.” New York City Department of Consumer Affairs

A similar study by the London Times confirmed the results. It found that on average, British women are charged 37% more than men for equivalent products.

As per the no actual study has been done in Ireland but here are their findings

  • 10% more for deodorant
  • 35% more for body wash
  • 78% more for razors
  • 16% more for shaving foam
  • 59% more for facial moisturizer


The pink tax is nothing new in our societies.

It is a common fact that us women pay more for common goods such as haircuts, razors, shampoo, clothes, or even anything PINK

Women are trying to fight it back

but it affects so many industries that it is a difficult one tackle


  • Beauty industry … any products is more expensive for women, haircuts/colors etc due to the fact that it takes more time, so we pay the price of labor, razors are more expensive when they are PINK (not fair)


  • clothing … not sure why, but we pay more
  • Dry cleaning – so apparently, our clothes ladies are harder to clean
  • Disability insurance is also higher for women for some reason
  • compression socks for women are 8% more expensive than the ones for men
  • tampons, and compresses have an extra tax in the US because they are seen as a ‘luxury item’ whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?


how do we fix it? well by being vocal about it and passing laws against discriminations, that’s the long term solution.


In the short term? I buying blue razors – LOL

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