Beauty Addict – my new skincare routine

For those of you who do not know, I am slightly older than I seem … therefore it was about time i upgraded my skincare routine.

I’ve tried my different moisturizers, day & nights, every brand you can imagine …

And recently I was starting o see little wrinkles – my friends would say ‘what wrinkles you crazy bitch’ anywho …

here is my new skincare routine:


In the morning …

New Skin by clearskin

Now ladies don’t forget your SPFs & primers before you apply make-up

new skin

At night …

I have started using midnight recovery by Khiels


and Advanced night repair eye supercharged complex synchronized recovery by Estee Lauder

estee lauder

now on top of that try to get loads of sleep and drink plenty of water … will help your skin massively.


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