I am not mad – it’s just MY face!

I am not mad, it just my face… Or ‘the resting bitch face syndrome’



Urban Dictionary definition is:



a few celebrity that have an obvious bitch resting face (or BRF)

  1. Kristen Steward

  2. Kim Kardahian

  3. Victoria Beckham

  4. Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick taking about her Bitch Resting Face

Resting Bitch Face is not a female syndrome according to scientists, men have it to. But in our society women are expected to smile more. As a woman, the amount of time a man tells me to smile more is insane … the craziest thing is … I smile all the damn time!

Bitchy resting face video (not to take seriously)

Now obviously this is a ‘funny’ topic, you might wonder why I decided to write about ‘BRF’, well 1st of it is a worldwide syndrome, and yet we only talk about women having it – Not fair!

Also, and what brought me to it, is that when I don’t smile I look like I would bite.

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