#GirlCrush – who is Iskra Lawrence

Has you may have noticed on my Instagram and on my blog I like to talk about strong female that inspire me, there is always my regular #GirlCrushWednesday post – Inspired by Lilly Singh.

This week I wanted to talk about Iskra Lawrence, who is obviously super beautiful, but so inspiring, strong, showing that every woman should be confident and happy …


working with AERIE, doing Ted, and getting more famous every second, she is absolutely awesome.

She is a plus-size model, but wasn’t always, she preaches body confidence and healthy living! she is super positive, beautiful and extremely confident.

She has been in the beauty industry and says that she was so edited that her family could not even recognize her in the magazines, she could not recognize herself either – how wrong is THAT!

and basically preaches body image … a few keywords from her Ted Talk:

  • ‘self-love’

  • ‘self-care’

  • ‘ be yourself’

  • ‘be healthy’

  • The Gratitude list

  • Pressures of social media

I think we live in a society that has told girls (even more in my generation) that we needed to be skinny … skinny isn’t healthy!

below is her highly inspiring TED TALK! WATCH IT!!!

I am sure after ready all this, watching her TED TALK & stalking her Instagram you must be as obsessed as I am with her!

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