Fashion – Casual date outfit ideas

When we like someone, the 1st dates are important, we want to make a good impression,

we tend to forget that overdressing might not be the best way.

Now depending on how casual your 1st dates are, I am a firm believer that 1st dates should always be casual if he is planning a big dinner in a very nice place, it is very nice, good for you girl!

But t might put extra pressure on you both for no reason.

so my go to 1st date, is coffee, a walk .. something that has no strings or pressured attached to it, maybe I am too low key.

anywho, whatever you 1st date is, my belief is that you should always feel comfortable, we’re nervous enough as it is, no need to add extra pressure to it.

if you are comfortable, think you look good, you’ll be confident, and confidence is SEXY – go for that!!!

My go-to outfit would be:

  1. my favorite jeans
  2. A cute/sexy (not too sexy though) shirt,
  3. A jacket (jeans, leather, whatever you like better)
  4. A pair of boots

… super simple, easy to match, you have it all in your closet.

Below are a few outfits I found online that would be applicable to any day-date.

And yes, I do get my inspiration from things I see online & on social media, just like the rest of us.


And remember:

‘Confidence is SEXY!’

they are fun, stylish, not too dressed up and will make you feel extra confident.


**PRO TIP- no matter how casual you are, make sure your make-up is always perfect, also add an accessory that screams you, necklace, or earrings**

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