Bossbabe – customize your desk/cubicle

It wil not be any surprise to you if I tell you that your surrounding affect your emotions, attitude & the way you feel generally.

If you do not know me, the interior of my house, or have not see my desk in the office, you’d be surprised.

throughout the years I have realized that certain things, colors make me feel good, therefore I have chosen to surround myself with these things.

Step 1:

whats your color, medium, what makes you smile


Put them everywhere around you

Step 3:

Do not care what people think of the way your desk or environment looks, this is about YOU!!!!

you may wonder, what does my house, desk look like?

well, there is a lot of PINK, Sparkles, photos of my friends & cat. Just things that kee me smiling.

try it out, you might just love it.

Now if there is currently nothing on your desk, do it little by little …

things to add a bit of life on your desk:

  1. Photos
  2. Frames
  3. postcards
  4. funky mousepad
  5. fun frame
  6. your own motivational quote (printed)
  7. your favorite cup (for your coffee)
  8. funky pens (pink, sparkly fluffy)
  9. little toys, the boys in my office have those super hearo toys on their desk, thats fun


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