Bossbabe – how I turn a bad day around

Today is mental health day, therefore I thought writing a piece on how to turn a bad day into a good day would be a good idea.

We’ve all had bad days, remember we’re only human beings, bad stuff happen to all of us, we just need to find a few tricks to make it better for ourselves & others.

Below are a few of the things I do & recommend in order to get a smile back on your face:

1 – Surround yourself with the color that makes you smile – for me it’s PINK – If you know me, that is NOT a surpise for you!

2 – Hug your best friend/partner/cat/dog/teddy bear

3 – Go for a walk, sometimes some fresh air, is just the one thing that will get your mind off the things that keep you from smiling today

4 – Food – have your favorite food – our taste buds are super sensitive, therefore having your favorite food might help too

5 – watch your favorite movie

5 – Listen to happy tunes – happy music always makes people smile

6 – Cook – for me cooking takes my mind of things, therefore i do not think of things that bring e down – and i get to make other people smile by getting them to eat something tasty #WinWin

7 – Meditation &/or meditation music – helps me switch off completly

8 – Get some sun, or sunbeds for us in Ireland that feel cold & depressed by winter

9 – Reach out to someone that makes you laugh very LOUD!

10 – Tell your best friend/partner why you love them so much & ask them why they love YOU!

I hope all these little tips helped you …

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