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Beauty Addict – Getting Hair extensions in Dublin

I wanted to talk about my hair extensions, simply because people keep asking me where I got mine done, and also because getting hair extensions in insanely expensive in 95% of the salons anywhere in an around Dublin. And since I always have tips for all of you, I thought

Businessing in Barcelona

Because I am away this week I did not think I would be able to get some writing done, but since i am a multi-tasker …. here we go. Some of you may of you may not know, but i have a day job, i work for a Tech company,

LunaMaille jewelry

A month ago I spent a few hours at the Tattoo convention in Dublin, so cool, so many tattoo artist, beauty therapist (permanent make-up) as well as jewelry makers. while there I met Aine, who is the owner and creator of Luna Maille. Aine has been creating jewelry for over

APP of the moment – Shopping smart – With PleezMee

If you know me either through the blog or in person – you might be aware that ONE, I am obsessed with shopping and TWO I have the best tips. So here it comes PleezMee is a new app that helps you organize and save your next purchase/gifts … the

Beauty product FIND – ‘Wing it’ eyeliner stamp

Every once in a while you stumble upon a product that literally changes your life. I am obsessed with eyeliners, more importantly, that super cute Pin-up style wing – Just makes your eye so beautiful doesn’t it? Changes the entire game! My thing with eyeliners, they need to last forever.

DYI facial masks at home

Stuck on cash to buy a cool & fancy facial mask? FrenchGirlInDublin got you covered! Did you know you can make masks yourself with simple products you already have in your kitchen? Below are a few that actually do work, and are very easy to make because you already have

Playing tourist – Monaco

A few weeks ago while I was in cannes for my pre-summer holidays, I decided to take a day off from the fancy private beaches and headed on the train to the principalty of Monaco, Monaco is obviously on the French Riviera, it is a tiny soreveign city state of

Bossbabes habits – The Skimm

The Skimm has been my morning routine for a while now, It is a website/app/newsletter that informs you on daily current event. If like me you are super busy with work, social life etc, you probably do not have much time to read the news, which to be honest is

FrenchGirlIndublin’s tips – designer bags

As you may know by now I am a lover of the pretty things, and designer handbags is one thing out of many that I absolutely adore. But let’s be honest, most people do not have a few thousands euros/dollars to buy designer handbags, unless you have one of those

Holidays – Cannes

If you are following me on my Instagram of Facebook page you might know that I was on holidays last week. My social media is currently full of beach, sand, water, cocktails and the cool things I have seen. Sneak peek:   I went to the south of France. I

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