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BossBabe reading – How to be BAWSE by Lilly Singh

If you been reading me, you might have realized that all books I review are about motivation, self-love, women inspiring other women, girl power and all that! Today I wanted to tell you about the latest book I read and loved. Lilly Singh is known as IISuperwomanII is a Canadian YouTube personality, here

Beauty Addict – Fenti beauty 

Recently The fabulous Rihanna released her make-up brand ‘Fenty Beauty’ if it was just another make-up brand i don’t think people would have been so excited about the launch, but let’s be real, it is RIHANNA, everything she does from music, fashion, to make-up is just always amazing. so I

World Mental Health Day

I wasn’t going to talk about ‘mental health’ this week, but then decided since ‘World Mental Health Day’ was this week (October 10th) I thought it was an important subject to talk about. It upsets me that we have to pick a day for THIS! It is something that we

Mind yourself – This week i have tried Meditation 

I’ve learnt this year that i am not WonderWoman, I don’t mean the actual superhero, although that would be really cool too, but more in a sense that I cannot do it all ALONE. It is something I find very weird, because i was raised by a single mom who

BossBabe reading – Girl code ‘Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur’ by Cara Alwill Leyba

The author is Cara Alwil. before reading the book I was folowing her on her Instagram. She is such a  cool chick, even has pink hair! seriously – no one can beat that!   Cara is the creator of the Champagne diet (blog), in her blog Cara discusses Business, fashion,

Frenchie recipe corner – My French Lemon tart

I’ve always love those tiny little lemon tartelettes when I was a child … So I thought I’d give it a try myself, I absolutely love baking, it gets my mind of things and has a tendency to make me happy. find my recipe below (home made lemon custard) 150g

BossBabe reading – The Magic of Not Giving a F*** by Sarah Knight

The latest book I have been into is ‘The life changing magic of not giving a F**k’ by Sarah Knight. this book has been translated into 17 languages, it is a best-seller. The idea behind this book is to teach you to leave the ‘clutter’ behind and focus on people

Must watch – An inconvenient sequel

Some of you might not know, but I absolutely love documentaries … yeah not everyone’s thing – I get it! But this one is a must! 11 years ago Vice President (of the United States) Al Gore released the documentary an ‘Inconvenient truth’ Full video is available on Youtube, check

This one is for the ladies

In case you didn’t know Tuesday this week was female Orgasm day! Iam sure you didn’t know thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! no worries, I did not know either, and so thought it would be the best opportunity to chat about the subject. Fun fact –  it is a Brazilian holiday celebrated every year

French History 101 – Bastille Day!

What’s the deal with Bastille day, 14th of July in France … Thought I’d explain for those of you who do not know. I know this might feel like a history lesson and might make some of you fall asleep or not even want to read today’s blog. Buuuuuut I

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