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Christmas Special – Family survival kit

Christmas is a great time for family reunions, even more if you live abroad like me – it is probably the one time a year everyone is gathered together, right! And we know big family gathering can be fun, but they can also be stressful – wish me luck i

Bossbabe – how I turn a bad day around

Today is mental health day, therefore I thought writing a piece on how to turn a bad day into a good day would be a good idea. We’ve all had bad days, remember we’re only human beings, bad stuff happen to all of us, we just need to find a

The crazy stuff I do – Crystals and stones…

In case you hang out around me, you know I love incense and might have noticed crystal bracelets around my wrist … like incense or sage, crystals have been used to heal for many generations. Sages of ancient India, Asia, as well as Native American and Celtic shamans, utilized crystals

Did you know – burning sage

Sage has a distinctly beautiful scent when burned. You might have smelt it in the Yoga studio, in church, while traveling across the middle east, Asia … it is also used for meditation. I have only been burning sage for a few months, and I love the smell of it, somehow brings

12 things to remember in life

I do not normally do simple, short list blogs, but this is an important one in order to stay sane in this crazy world we live in The past cannot be changed Although your past definitely changes your future, and the way you see things, don’t be sad or look back

Take care of your health Girl! Winter healthy tips from Amani Kaite our nutrition & life coach

Today is a blog collaboration, I do write about a lot of different subjects, but I am in no way an expert, so I thought every once in a while posting a blog from someone who knows what they are actually talking about would be great! My first blog collaboration

World Mental Health Day

I wasn’t going to talk about ‘mental health’ this week, but then decided since ‘World Mental Health Day’ was this week (October 10th) I thought it was an important subject to talk about. It upsets me that we have to pick a day for THIS! It is something that we

Mind yourself – This week i have tried Meditation 

I’ve learnt this year that i am not WonderWoman, I don’t mean the actual superhero, although that would be really cool too, but more in a sense that I cannot do it all ALONE. It is something I find very weird, because i was raised by a single mom who

Frenchie recipe corner – My French Lemon tart

I’ve always love those tiny little lemon tartelettes when I was a child … So I thought I’d give it a try myself, I absolutely love baking, it gets my mind of things and has a tendency to make me happy. find my recipe below (home made lemon custard) 150g

This one is for the ladies

In case you didn’t know Tuesday this week was female Orgasm day! Iam sure you didn’t know thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! no worries, I did not know either, and so thought it would be the best opportunity to chat about the subject. Fun fact –  it is a Brazilian holiday celebrated every year

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